is a busy month with a LOT happening and it is also the Pink month for the fight against breastcancer. This year B,Wear is proud to say we contributes in that fight. 🙂September was also full with fun work – we left Haninge and drove down to Lövestad, 2 Swedish miles outside Malmö. The re I was teaching a mixed class with Beginners and Cut & Sew foam. Worked really well – Beginners are so in about the fabrics, elastics and to make a bra so they barely have time to eat lunch and less noticing what happened around them 🌞As always I love teaching but there is other things I also love to do too…like pack the van full with fabrics, elastics and laces and attend exhibitions – so last weekend we went to the first Sy & Hantverksfestivalen in Umeå. It was so fun to see and meet familior and new faces 🙂Some of the news we have in store you can see here. We have found a new more local supplier of the wide elastics so we have a lot of those, a lot of new laces and fabrics 🙂

This was all for now, take care of eachother and don’t miss the exhibition at Älvsjö October 27th to 29th 🌞🌞


Already beginning of..



What happened??!! We are already in the beginning of September and it is time for hard fun work again 🙂 but first I have to tell you about July and August.
The 5th European Bra Summit ended July 7th, the whole week was full of laughter, lovely adies and beautiful creations together with Karin Triel from Calgary, Canada and me 🙂

The weeks after has been full with new fabrics and laces – we are starting to plan the next 6 months.

We have also received some custom pictures with design ideas what to do with fabric and laces from us.

Here is a Romy Soft bra and a Claudia pantie from Ohhhlulu, made by Malin Nobrant :). Sarah from Ohhhlulu is slowly converting her PDF- patterns into printed patterns, and we are happy to say we are selling them in our store – first out is Panty Ava and Jasmine Bra :)….we will also20170906_144322 provide material kits for all her patterns. ❤

Collage 2017-09-04 10_04_03Last I just want to remind you of the 2 Giveaways we add in 2 persons orders place September 5th to September 15th – will it be in your??

Take care of eachother!





The week after…

….the 5th European Bra Summit and I am actually feeling like I now having a holiday, this is mostly because I don’t have to plan for next years EBS, because there is not going to be one 2018. 😊 😦
However we never know….💐

2017s EBS was a really good week of classes. Here is some pictures from them 😊


It has come to my attetion that some speculate about me and B,Wear so I think I’ll explain here what is happening and then you all heard the facts from me.
”The end of 2016 and the first half of 2017 have been a sad and struggling time for B,Wear – all because we tried to help someone we thought was our friend and in the end it almost cost us B,Wear, but we managed bearly to save the company and then, just because I only thinking good of all people – I trusted someone again…and now 3 month later we are suffering big time from that trust – so when we survive this – I can promise I will be not so trusting and blue eyed in the future 😊😊.”

And now…. the fun part 🙂

We got some customer pictures we want to share with you  💞

First out is this lovely bra & panty set  made by Malin Nobrant. She made a Harriet bra with Sheer cup lining and some Claudia panties. 💐

20170715_210914                          20170715_211014

She also  made a pair of lovely Lady shorts in black fabric and narrow beautiful lace.

Teresa Leite from Portugal has made some lovely bras these last weeks 🌹

received_10155037797344221           received_10155083077174221

She made a lovely Fenway in shamerock style with Kelly green duoplex and black tulle and a beautiful pink Classic in our new pink lace lined with black Sheer cup lining.

Just a heads up what´s up in the store right now:
From today July 16th and during the rest of July you get 5 meter of Filpar elastic for free when you buy a half meter or more of swimwear lining or swimwear fabric.Filpar

July 20th we also celebrate Margareta with 50% off all laces and our Bra elastic with 50% stretch 🙂

Enjoy the summer and take care of each other!



New week and new things to….

do! 🙂

My work is never boring, there is always new fabrics, elastic or lace to take photos of, people to meet or order to pack and ship and not to forget all the classes I teach and that are making it possible for me to meet so many new people. Love it!

Right now we are planning the last things for this years European Bra Summit and this is the fifth year so there will be some specials – like a very genorous goodiebag.


The patterns and kits we been waiting for are now here – Evie la Luve! You find a few them under catagories pattern & kits with the same name :). (Picture borrowed from Evielaluve.)


We also have a few new fabrics for panties on their way in to the store –

and not to forget the newest style of fabric: Scuba!
17-06-09-12-13-12-921_decoThis weekend I am teaching the last Beginner Bra class before EBS classes & summerbreak – but the store will be opened whole summer :). Don’t miss what’s under Sale 
This weekend class was a really fun class but oh so warm with summer outside!  🙂


This was all for now…..except keep a eye opened for our next newsletter….there will be a special offer  in there…

Take care of each other and that’s all for today! ❤ ❤



Lace, lace, lace….

…and more lace and some fabric, but they will be in next time.

Yes, I know….but I found a great manufactor and me and YOU can never have to much lace, right?!? 🙂🙂💕

Here is a FEW of our news! Want to see them all, stay tuned at News at http://www.bwear.se17-05-13-22-34-33-298_decoSometimes I just have to make some sewing for myself and as the laceaholic I am I always choose one of our nicest laces. Here in cerise. This lace you also find in beige, black and now also in white 🙂20170513_224032

When I bra making for myself I love to use the Gothic Arch at the bottom band to get a nicer look. Want to know how?
Read all about it in Beverly Johnsons blogpost from August last year.

Here is a picture from a customer and friend Susanne, she made a tank top in our orange light stretch satin together with one of our laces  🙂20170515_114539

Now it is only five week left until we open the doors to the fifth year European Bra Summit and I am amazed how pooular the three classes are even if there is a few seats left, so if you thinking of attending don’t hesitate – sign in!

We are right now working on our first newsletter. In the letter we will talk about what’s up in the near future, show new special fabrics plus monthly picture – and no, we will not fill your emailbox everyday – our newletter will be sent only monthly and we hope you all enjoy it.

This was all for now.

Take care and don’t miss our Limited Editions.


She is so special….

…for me and will always have a special place in my ❤.

Long story short – sewing is going long back in my family – grand grand grand…you get it I guess 🙂 – but I am so far the first of us having a store and working with my skills 😊. However none of this would be without my mother.20170517_092555

She was my source of knowledge when I was younger and she was always the one pushing my sewing boundries – so at 16 of age I had my own self made wardrobe.

I lost my mother 13 years ago in cancer and my biggest rock was gone.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I want to share this with you all becsause May 20th, is her birthday – and it would be her 80th birthday.20170517_163608

B,Wear wouldn’t be here without her and the rock she found for me & my daughter a few years before she past away – my husband. To celebrate we will annonce on Thursday some specials we are having during the weekend, so we hope you all celebrate this special day with us!

Take care of each other and that’s all for today! ❤ ❤



The week after….

….us being at Borlänge Sycentrum teaching Beginner Bra class. It was so much fun! Lovely women in all ages, with a brunch of new questions and ideas.


My husband bought me a present while waiting for me teaching, it looks like one of my mannequins. :). I am so lucky to have my lovely caring husband ❤20170425_200037We have during last week got some picture from customer and students showing what they made with some of our new fabrics and laces. We just love when we get these pictures 💕

This is from Carin in UK – navyblue kit with our lovely fairly new lace and black findings20170513_221626

This is in progress by ÅseRandi in Norway – Classic pattern made from our bra kit in fuchsia with fuchsia/goldish lace20170513_221404

During last week a few new findings and fabrics arrived. They will be in the store soon.


I think that is it for now 🙂

Take care! 🌹👙