Lace, lace, lace….

…and more lace and some fabric, but they will be in next time.

Yes, I know….but I found a great manufactor and me and YOU can never have to much lace, right?!? 🙂🙂💕

Here is a FEW of our news! Want to see them all, stay tuned at News at http://www.bwear.se17-05-13-22-34-33-298_decoSometimes I just have to make some sewing for myself and as the laceaholic I am I always choose one of our nicest laces. Here in cerise. This lace you also find in beige, black and now also in white 🙂20170513_224032

When I bra making for myself I love to use the Gothic Arch at the bottom band to get a nicer look. Want to know how?
Read all about it in Beverly Johnsons blogpost from August last year.

Here is a picture from a customer and friend Susanne, she made a tank top in our orange light stretch satin together with one of our laces  🙂20170515_114539

Now it is only five week left until we open the doors to the fifth year European Bra Summit and I am amazed how pooular the three classes are even if there is a few seats left, so if you thinking of attending don’t hesitate – sign in!

We are right now working on our first newsletter. In the letter we will talk about what’s up in the near future, show new special fabrics plus monthly picture – and no, we will not fill your emailbox everyday – our newletter will be sent only monthly and we hope you all enjoy it.

This was all for now.

Take care and don’t miss our Limited Editions.


She is so special….

…for me and will always have a special place in my ❤.

Long story short – sewing is going long back in my family – grand grand grand…you get it I guess 🙂 – but I am so far the first of us having a store and working with my skills 😊. However none of this would be without my mother.20170517_092555

She was my source of knowledge when I was younger and she was always the one pushing my sewing boundries – so at 16 of age I had my own self made wardrobe.

I lost my mother 13 years ago in cancer and my biggest rock was gone.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I want to share this with you all becsause May 20th, is her birthday – and it would be her 80th birthday.20170517_163608

B,Wear wouldn’t be here without her and the rock she found for me & my daughter a few years before she past away – my husband. To celebrate we will annonce on Thursday some specials we are having during the weekend, so we hope you all celebrate this special day with us!

Take care of each other and that’s all for today! ❤ ❤



The week after….

….us being at Borlänge Sycentrum teaching Beginner Bra class. It was so much fun! Lovely women in all ages, with a brunch of new questions and ideas.


My husband bought me a present while waiting for me teaching, it looks like one of my mannequins. :). I am so lucky to have my lovely caring husband ❤20170425_200037We have during last week got some picture from customer and students showing what they made with some of our new fabrics and laces. We just love when we get these pictures 💕

This is from Carin in UK – navyblue kit with our lovely fairly new lace and black findings20170513_221626

This is in progress by ÅseRandi in Norway – Classic pattern made from our bra kit in fuchsia with fuchsia/goldish lace20170513_221404

During last week a few new findings and fabrics arrived. They will be in the store soon.


I think that is it for now 🙂

Take care! 🌹👙


Road trip…

…to Borlänge.

All packed and in the car on our way to meet Eva & Hasse at Borlänge Sycentrum.20170512_152932

Tomorrow and on Sunday I am teaching Beginner Bra class in their store. I just love that so many women want to share my passion for bramaking. 💕

20170512_163225My husband is driving and I am spending time with making findings kit 🌞20170512_161216Just before we left for our road trip I got a delivery, a package filled with laces and I like to share one with you here that I really like. Do you want it? You find all our lace here under stretch lace 😊20170511_231746Now we have arrived to Borlänge and will have a cosy evening before class tomorrow morning.

Take care! 👙🌹


Manufactors, lingerie

…and classes. That is how my days looks like now a days and I LOVE it 🙂
Since I last wrote a lot has happened. For one, we have found new manufactures so we are able to offer you more variations of laces, notions and fabrics than before. Don´t worry we are still proud 1st European distributor for Bra-makers Supply in Canada, but we also stock a lot of items from our own findings around the world.


Right now we are just waiting for Spring to arrive….but it seem like the weather like us to wait for it a while longer…


A few weeks ago we were back in Lillestrøm for a Cut & Sew foam class together with Lillestrøm Sysenter and Tone Irén from the magazine Alt om Håndarbeide Norge och bloggen Mediakaos. It was a great class with a lot of laughter.


Their creativity was on top.


This coming weekend we are going to Borlänge were I am teaching a Beginner Bra class to a group of women at Borlänge Sycentrum. That is going to be so much fun, but more about that and more next week.

Until next time 🌹👙