New week and new things to….

do! 🙂

My work is never boring, there is always new fabrics, elastic or lace to take photos of, people to meet or order to pack and ship and not to forget all the classes I teach and that are making it possible for me to meet so many new people. Love it!

Right now we are planning the last things for this years European Bra Summit and this is the fifth year so there will be some specials – like a very genorous goodiebag.


The patterns and kits we been waiting for are now here – Evie la Luve! You find a few them under catagories pattern & kits with the same name :). (Picture borrowed from Evielaluve.)


We also have a few new fabrics for panties on their way in to the store –

and not to forget the newest style of fabric: Scuba!
17-06-09-12-13-12-921_decoThis weekend I am teaching the last Beginner Bra class before EBS classes & summerbreak – but the store will be opened whole summer :). Don’t miss what’s under Sale 
This weekend class was a really fun class but oh so warm with summer outside!  🙂


This was all for now…..except keep a eye opened for our next newsletter….there will be a special offer  in there…

Take care of each other and that’s all for today! ❤ ❤




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