The week after…

….the 5th European Bra Summit and I am actually feeling like I now having a holiday, this is mostly because I don’t have to plan for next years EBS, because there is not going to be one 2018. 😊 😦
However we never know….💐

2017s EBS was a really good week of classes. Here is some pictures from them 😊


It has come to my attetion that some speculate about me and B,Wear so I think I’ll explain here what is happening and then you all heard the facts from me.
”The end of 2016 and the first half of 2017 have been a sad and struggling time for B,Wear – all because we tried to help someone we thought was our friend and in the end it almost cost us B,Wear, but we managed bearly to save the company and then, just because I only thinking good of all people – I trusted someone again…and now 3 month later we are suffering big time from that trust – so when we survive this – I can promise I will be not so trusting and blue eyed in the future 😊😊.”

And now…. the fun part 🙂

We got some customer pictures we want to share with you  💞

First out is this lovely bra & panty set  made by Malin Nobrant. She made a Harriet bra with Sheer cup lining and some Claudia panties. 💐

20170715_210914                          20170715_211014

She also  made a pair of lovely Lady shorts in black fabric and narrow beautiful lace.

Teresa Leite from Portugal has made some lovely bras these last weeks 🌹

received_10155037797344221           received_10155083077174221

She made a lovely Fenway in shamerock style with Kelly green duoplex and black tulle and a beautiful pink Classic in our new pink lace lined with black Sheer cup lining.

Just a heads up what´s up in the store right now:
From today July 16th and during the rest of July you get 5 meter of Filpar elastic for free when you buy a half meter or more of swimwear lining or swimwear fabric.Filpar

July 20th we also celebrate Margareta with 50% off all laces and our Bra elastic with 50% stretch 🙂

Enjoy the summer and take care of each other!




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