is a busy month with a LOT happening and it is also the Pink month for the fight against breastcancer. This year B,Wear is proud to say we contributes in that fight. 🙂September was also full with fun work – we left Haninge and drove down to Lövestad, 2 Swedish miles outside Malmö. The re I was teaching a mixed class with Beginners and Cut & Sew foam. Worked really well – Beginners are so in about the fabrics, elastics and to make a bra so they barely have time to eat lunch and less noticing what happened around them 🌞As always I love teaching but there is other things I also love to do too…like pack the van full with fabrics, elastics and laces and attend exhibitions – so last weekend we went to the first Sy & Hantverksfestivalen in Umeå. It was so fun to see and meet familior and new faces 🙂Some of the news we have in store you can see here. We have found a new more local supplier of the wide elastics so we have a lot of those, a lot of new laces and fabrics 🙂

This was all for now, take care of eachother and don’t miss the exhibition at Älvsjö October 27th to 29th 🌞🌞


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