361 days left of…..

2018. 🌹

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and a cosy New years eve!

Today is the fourth day of a new year we all can make to be the best year ever. I know mine will be different  from all other years  – I am challenging myself to make something I always says I won´t.
Yes, I know…I always said there is enough patterns already, but I realized none like mine yet. In my classes I get to draft this model a lot so I thought I make it as a pattern for everyone to enjoy my style 🙂 .

This is only one of the challenges I am planning for myself during the year. When you read our newsletter or blog during 2018 you will find out what other challenges I will put myself up against.
What is your plans for 2018?

We have started the new year with new lower prices for some of our goods in the store.20180103_083305

Like our Pin-Up Girls patterns, books and wires to mention a few. Reason for this is we made new good contracts for 2018, and what is better than sharing them with you 😊.

I promised myself to sew more under 2018 – the last years have been to little of that so now is the time for a change. So yesterday I made a pair of panties – Claudia from @ohhhlulu in this lovely fabric designed by Ying owner of @tailormadeshop, and the fabric is ordered from @spoonflower18-01-04-20-42-10-363_decoI will add pantie kits with these fabrics & lace tomorrow morning, they will be under Limited Edition so if you like them don’t miss it 😊

Now I’m heading back to pack your most appreciated orders ❤

Take care of eachother