What more can I possible need?

Than friends and customers like all of you! 🙂

When I writing this I feel like I am in heaven 🙂 : Looking back at 2017 I see we had a really good year plus a good start of the new year – and it is only thanks to you all!
Thank you for choosing us! 💖💖

For a few weeks there hasn’t been any classes, but now they start again – with new material and new energy 🙂 – first out was Beginner Bra class in the middle of January and the weekend after was filled with packing orders and sewing.20180123_204552

My daughter was at the same sewing event as me and she made a few panties in different styles. For better pictures visit her Instagram @byangelicaf18-02-02-14-36-34-665_decoThis weekend I teach Cut & Sew foam class and one of the students is using one of our brand new laces. Unfourtunately we didn´t get any good pictures of the finished bra.
So lovely and it will give her a beautiful foam/lace bra 😍. During the week that is coming I will make some lovely bras and panties from our beautiful Scuba fabrics with some of our newest lace. You can buy our Scuba as a kit.
Last time I told you I was going to challange myself more during 2018 and I have already started…..here is a sneakpeak.

20180202_140201You will soon see what´s behind the star 🙂
This weekend we are helping the same daughter as I talked about above to move – to a bigger apartment – and hopefully she gets a sewingroom 🙂

That was all for now so I just want to wish you all to have a nice weekend. ❤

Take care of each other