Time flies…

and we are already in middle of March.

A lot has happened since last time I wrote. I have drafted my pattern Angie and now testers is trying the fit to see is my chosing of grading is okay.

Here is a 80B 😊

The funny thing with grading is that we all seems to grade differently. I am taught one way 20 years ago, some one else another way and next one a third way – this is probably why we never can decide that this is my size and then buy cloths and patterns in the same size everywhere – because it depends on who’s behind the creation ☺

I have chosen the way of grading I was taught 20 year ago….yeah yeah….old – but it turns out it works well. 🙂

Here are some new fabric that just arrived – first out are – two new Scuba fabrics.


We got lovely Rayon fabrics that are very soft and light and perfect for all kinds of lingerie…
and we got some brand new swimwear in perfect time for the swimwear sewing season

20180311_2025221017201804.jpg                       20180311_2027231339762843.jpg
On my table is rigth now a self drafted test bra with no name yet and……..

a panty pattern in the works…….did I tell you I have a daugther….oh I did…then you know – when you make them one thing – your really need to make in this case a panty to make a set to the bra pattern you making…..so here I am making pantypattern.
20180316_101858103782823.jpg It is hard to make a panty pattern that doesn´t look like the ones that already exists – but mine soon to be panty pattern Gun is more after my daughters request so here we go….

20180316_2311361306919831.jpg    20180317_115757175290328.jpg      20180317_115721260564796.jpg

Now we are in Örebro and I am teaching Stylechanges this weekend – more about this later though.
20180317_091901384171204.jpg                      20180317_1159561151113635.jpg

I wish you all a very nice weekend.

Take care of each other!



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