Angie 0627 is…


It has been a while since last, but now my first pattern Angie 0627 is finished and the first made Angie bras are turning up here and there and I love it even if it scary at the sam time.
Here is a few 🙂
20180522_204750     received_457324328031350Suzanna

Just a month after my Angie pattern was released Beverly Johnson came out with a new Pin-Up Girl pattern Ruby. We will of course sell them, but Beverly have a tight schedule so we won´t get the printing files until July, so until then we will bring just a few home for you because they are quite expensive to ship, so be patient and wait ‘til July or be fast and grab one of the few we order into the store.Ruby-Full-Band-Bra-Pattern-feature-colourLots of news – at the lace and fabric front – we counted how many different laces we have and we are up until today carrying 831 different laces. Here are a few new..

20180427_172504    ROSABLÅ    klarröd

Of course we have a lot of Scuba fabric – around 15 different – perfect for bralettes or bikinis, some even have them as front in their panties 🙂
And of course we have some Angie 0627 Limited bra kits too, in three colours.

Lila            Gul           Grön1

This coming weekend I am teaching my last Beginner Bra class before summer break. It is going to be so much fun! See you soon again!

Take care of each other!





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