Angie 0627 is…


It has been a while since last, but now my first pattern Angie 0627 is finished and the first made Angie bras are turning up here and there and I love it even if it scary at the sam time.
Here is a few 🙂
20180522_204750     received_457324328031350Suzanna

Just a month after my Angie pattern was released Beverly Johnson came out with a new Pin-Up Girl pattern Ruby. We will of course sell them, but Beverly have a tight schedule so we won´t get the printing files until July, so until then we will bring just a few home for you because they are quite expensive to ship, so be patient and wait ‘til July or be fast and grab one of the few we order into the store.Ruby-Full-Band-Bra-Pattern-feature-colourLots of news – at the lace and fabric front – we counted how many different laces we have and we are up until today carrying 831 different laces. Here are a few new..

20180427_172504    ROSABLÅ    klarröd

Of course we have a lot of Scuba fabric – around 15 different – perfect for bralettes or bikinis, some even have them as front in their panties 🙂
And of course we have some Angie 0627 Limited bra kits too, in three colours.

Lila            Gul           Grön1

This coming weekend I am teaching my last Beginner Bra class before summer break. It is going to be so much fun! See you soon again!

Take care of each other!




Time flies…

and we are already in middle of March.

A lot has happened since last time I wrote. I have drafted my pattern Angie and now testers is trying the fit to see is my chosing of grading is okay.

Here is a 80B 😊

The funny thing with grading is that we all seems to grade differently. I am taught one way 20 years ago, some one else another way and next one a third way – this is probably why we never can decide that this is my size and then buy cloths and patterns in the same size everywhere – because it depends on who’s behind the creation ☺

I have chosen the way of grading I was taught 20 year ago….yeah yeah….old – but it turns out it works well. 🙂

Here are some new fabric that just arrived – first out are – two new Scuba fabrics.


We got lovely Rayon fabrics that are very soft and light and perfect for all kinds of lingerie…
and we got some brand new swimwear in perfect time for the swimwear sewing season

20180311_2025221017201804.jpg                       20180311_2027231339762843.jpg
On my table is rigth now a self drafted test bra with no name yet and……..

a panty pattern in the works…….did I tell you I have a daugther….oh I did…then you know – when you make them one thing – your really need to make in this case a panty to make a set to the bra pattern you making… here I am making pantypattern.
20180316_101858103782823.jpg It is hard to make a panty pattern that doesn´t look like the ones that already exists – but mine soon to be panty pattern Gun is more after my daughters request so here we go….

20180316_2311361306919831.jpg    20180317_115757175290328.jpg      20180317_115721260564796.jpg

Now we are in Örebro and I am teaching Stylechanges this weekend – more about this later though.
20180317_091901384171204.jpg                      20180317_1159561151113635.jpg

I wish you all a very nice weekend.

Take care of each other!


What more can I possible need?

Than friends and customers like all of you! 🙂

When I writing this I feel like I am in heaven 🙂 : Looking back at 2017 I see we had a really good year plus a good start of the new year – and it is only thanks to you all!
Thank you for choosing us! 💖💖

For a few weeks there hasn’t been any classes, but now they start again – with new material and new energy 🙂 – first out was Beginner Bra class in the middle of January and the weekend after was filled with packing orders and sewing.20180123_204552

My daughter was at the same sewing event as me and she made a few panties in different styles. For better pictures visit her Instagram @byangelicaf18-02-02-14-36-34-665_decoThis weekend I teach Cut & Sew foam class and one of the students is using one of our brand new laces. Unfourtunately we didn´t get any good pictures of the finished bra.
So lovely and it will give her a beautiful foam/lace bra 😍. During the week that is coming I will make some lovely bras and panties from our beautiful Scuba fabrics with some of our newest lace. You can buy our Scuba as a kit.
Last time I told you I was going to challange myself more during 2018 and I have already started… is a sneakpeak.

20180202_140201You will soon see what´s behind the star 🙂
This weekend we are helping the same daughter as I talked about above to move – to a bigger apartment – and hopefully she gets a sewingroom 🙂

That was all for now so I just want to wish you all to have a nice weekend. ❤

Take care of each other


361 days left of…..

2018. 🌹

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and a cosy New years eve!

Today is the fourth day of a new year we all can make to be the best year ever. I know mine will be different  from all other years  – I am challenging myself to make something I always says I won´t.
Yes, I know…I always said there is enough patterns already, but I realized none like mine yet. In my classes I get to draft this model a lot so I thought I make it as a pattern for everyone to enjoy my style 🙂 .

This is only one of the challenges I am planning for myself during the year. When you read our newsletter or blog during 2018 you will find out what other challenges I will put myself up against.
What is your plans for 2018?

We have started the new year with new lower prices for some of our goods in the store.20180103_083305

Like our Pin-Up Girls patterns, books and wires to mention a few. Reason for this is we made new good contracts for 2018, and what is better than sharing them with you 😊.

I promised myself to sew more under 2018 – the last years have been to little of that so now is the time for a change. So yesterday I made a pair of panties – Claudia from @ohhhlulu in this lovely fabric designed by Ying owner of @tailormadeshop, and the fabric is ordered from @spoonflower18-01-04-20-42-10-363_decoI will add pantie kits with these fabrics & lace tomorrow morning, they will be under Limited Edition so if you like them don’t miss it 😊

Now I’m heading back to pack your most appreciated orders ❤

Take care of eachother




Just a few days left..

Hi there,

Now there are only a few days left of this year and we are all looking forward to this years Christmas and the new year 2018. This year there will be no trip to Canada for us and we are looking forward to be at home. This because it has been a very nice but busy autumn with a lot of travelling.

These last months has been very hectic and fun with visits in Norway for a few time during October & November for a Beginner Bra & Stylechanges class.
In November we been in Borås for a class

and then in Borlänge for another class 🙂

and first weekend in December the last class for the year at home. 🙂During these last month we have got a lot of customer pictures using material from our store. They are really well made and full of creativity 😊
A beautiful set by Malin Nobrant
Malin Nand  lovely bras made by Miko

Don´t miss all the news we have in the store – read our newsletter or pop over to and look under News and don’t miss our Limited section 😊.

We wish you all a

See you next year!
Take care of each other



is a busy month with a LOT happening and it is also the Pink month for the fight against breastcancer. This year B,Wear is proud to say we contributes in that fight. 🙂September was also full with fun work – we left Haninge and drove down to Lövestad, 2 Swedish miles outside Malmö. The re I was teaching a mixed class with Beginners and Cut & Sew foam. Worked really well – Beginners are so in about the fabrics, elastics and to make a bra so they barely have time to eat lunch and less noticing what happened around them 🌞As always I love teaching but there is other things I also love to do too…like pack the van full with fabrics, elastics and laces and attend exhibitions – so last weekend we went to the first Sy & Hantverksfestivalen in Umeå. It was so fun to see and meet familior and new faces 🙂Some of the news we have in store you can see here. We have found a new more local supplier of the wide elastics so we have a lot of those, a lot of new laces and fabrics 🙂

This was all for now, take care of eachother and don’t miss the exhibition at Älvsjö October 27th to 29th 🌞🌞

Already beginning of..



What happened??!! We are already in the beginning of September and it is time for hard fun work again 🙂 but first I have to tell you about July and August.
The 5th European Bra Summit ended July 7th, the whole week was full of laughter, lovely adies and beautiful creations together with Karin Triel from Calgary, Canada and me 🙂

The weeks after has been full with new fabrics and laces – we are starting to plan the next 6 months.

We have also received some custom pictures with design ideas what to do with fabric and laces from us.

Here is a Romy Soft bra and a Claudia pantie from Ohhhlulu, made by Malin Nobrant :). Sarah from Ohhhlulu is slowly converting her PDF- patterns into printed patterns, and we are happy to say we are selling them in our store – first out is Panty Ava and Jasmine Bra :)….we will also20170906_144322 provide material kits for all her patterns. ❤

Collage 2017-09-04 10_04_03Last I just want to remind you of the 2 Giveaways we add in 2 persons orders place September 5th to September 15th – will it be in your??

Take care of eachother!